does this Funfairscent is coming from?

Yes, thats me and my top favourite greeting as a passionate perfume wearer. (When I prefer to wear scents that smell like pastries it’s justified).

Feel free to call me Nina.

When I’m not going to make other people excited about buying sweets outright, I am creative as a graphic designer.

My KnowHow.

With a mix of curiosity and the search for connections, I am always finding ways and possibilities to create something new.
I completed two educations – one school-based and one practical – as a media designer to have a look at both sides of graphic design.
I gratuated from college with a bachelors degree in communicationdesign to expand and apply my own creativity. I’ve been working in the design field for almost 20 years now.

My Vision.

During my studies, I took notice of the increasing orientation towards a more digitally influenced life and asked myself how I could keep appreciation alive.
I designed small posters and cards for friends with very individual quotes that were meant to touch them positively in their heart.
Many of them enjoyed it so much that I took this joy as a reason to enlarge it and went into selfemployment.

My Promise.

The most individual invitation you’ve ever seen – because you are the part of it.

Perfume and paper are my passion. Next to the spoken word, paper is a wonderful messenger for thoughts and words which wants to be shared and holded on to.
Fragrances, on the other hand are wonderful and above all the most long-lasting messengers for feelings and moods – they settle in your head with the external circumstances.

These thoughts flow into my small business, which stands for my pleasure to give you something that touches you and your guests unforgettably and lovingly in the heart.

Enough about me, I am much more excited about you….