Invite with
scented paper

Prepleasure. Doubled.

Put your guests in the weddingmood with fragrant stationery and share the anticipation of your wonderful wedding day.

Design. Personalised.

Inspired by you, you will receive a personal design for your wedding invitations that is tailored to you and fits to the total concept of your wedding.

Fragrances. Abundant.

Choose from 5 standard fragrances or create a new dream fragrance among countless waiting to awake your emotions and those of your guests.

Service. Lovingly

Papiefum is heart-borned and your heart's desire is as important to me as it is to you. Every second I can dedicate to you and your stationery makes me happy.

Paper and
perfume unite

This brings a unique, emotional attention and radiance to your scented wedding invitations.
The high-quality fragrance essences spread naturally a pleasant feeling while reading and ensure a sensual and warm perception of your entire wedding stationery.



[pa • pie • füm] paper + per fum (through smoke)

When heartfelt words can be felt.

With Papiefum I want to create a personal touch in the heart that pulsates permanently and can be experienced.