Welcome to
my Papiefum Blog

In this Blog I would like to share my thoughts, knowledge and new insights about fragrance on paper with you.
The posts will cover different topics: personal stories and experiences, scientific articles about perfume production
and fragrance marketing measures, to interviews with like-minded people who dare a new way of addressing people
with fragrances. Feel free to drop by any time. I’ll start with the meaning of Fragrances in Daily life:

A world full of fragrances is a world full of emotions that affect you every day.

Fragrances are like a second, invisible garment, an emanation of character without you seeing them.
Nevertheless, you perceive them and react to them. Depending on which memory you associate with the scent,
your sensation develops quite differently. The smell of freshly baked bread rolls conjures up a picture of a delicious
breakfast in your mind’s eye and increases your appetite. The moisture in your mouth is increased by the thought
of a cutted lemon and freshly baked biscuits and will certainly remind you of childhood days in the kitchen,
when grandma baked cookies and you could snack the dough meantime.

Your mood is more under influnce by scents than you might think.

They can warn you, tempt you or evoke memories without having any control over them. They are deeply rooted
in your long-term memory subconscious and working like a kind of key that opens the door to memories.
Sometimes, however, a scent comes to your nose that seems familiar but you can’t find an explanation for why it brings a smile to your lips.

Without scents, everything would be less interesting.

How does it feel to snuggle into your freshly made bed without the smell of your favourite fabric softener?
How happy do you feel with your coffee or tea in the morning if it doesn’t give off a scent? And how happy are you with breakfasting
when your nose get tickled only by warm steam from your fresh cutted bun. – Probably the joy is limited. When you have a cold and your nose is closed,
you can imagine a world without smells: You can’t smell and consequently you can’t taste. The desire for a quick recovery is great and the first thing
you are happy about is that your nose is free and your sense of smell can do its usual job again. Namely, to bring emotions to life.

Try to smell more consciously for a day. Your clothes, the fresh air, flowers and whatever else crosses your path

You’ll see what you can learn about yourself 😉